Galapagos Explorer


The Galapagos island cruise offered by the M/V Galapagos Explorer II is drastically different from those offered by other ships, simply because it offers a unmatched mix between sustainable tourism, adventure activities, and discovery. You can now experience wildlife and geology of the islands in a luxurious vessel with all of the services that you would expect from a luxury cruise.

Our ship explores the most remote islands of the archipelago; it is one of the safest ships that navigate the waters of the Galapagos.

Travelers need not worry about making an itinerary for their Galapagos island cruise, as we’ve already crafted one of extraordinary adventure. Certified naturalist guides accompany the activities on the islands, and during the cruise we offer social activities unique and creative such as the King Neptune’s party and the pirates’ party.

Three, four, and seven night cruises are accompanied by the accommodations of our astonishing suites, all with a sea view and some with private balconies. Each one of them has a television, a minibar, a central air conditioning system that covers all the interior areas, and satellite communication. These facilities allow you to learn more of Galapagos in less time.

The experience resultant from both the direct encounter with the islands’ flora & fauna, and the exceptional cruise, will be indescribable. This Galapagos island cruise is staffed by an Ecuadorian bilingual staff who can’t wait to share their culture with you, so please take a couple more moments to read about our one in a life time opportunity.