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Lindblad Expeditions’ history is all about adventure. Lars-Eric Lindblad really wanted to be an explorer and he channelled this passion into the travel business, setting up Lindblad Travel in 1958. His spirit of adventure that led him to set up the business also saw him put no barriers in place in terms of where he was willing to take people – his itineraries ventured where no tourist had ever gone before.

With a passion for the environment, Lars-Eric was the first person to take travellers to some of the most exotic parts of the world including Antarctica, Arctic Svalbard, Galapagos, Easter Islands, The Amazon, Papua New Guinea, The Seychelles, China and Bhutan. His goal was not just to take people to these destinations but to foster and understanding and appreciation of the environments and cultures in these remote locations. These pioneering adventures led to him being defined as the father of ‘eco-tourism’.

These principles that served Lindblad so well from the outset are still in place today and in 2004 they signed a historic agreement with National Geographic to further inspire the world through expedition travel. If you are looking for adventure, Lindblad Expeditions may be just what you’re looking for.


With office in New York and Seattle, the Lindblad Expeditions fleet is now made up of 10 ships – six owned and four leased offering life-changing expeditions to all seven continents. Onboard their ships, Sven Lindblad and his team continue to break new ground – the first to bring kayaking to the Arctic, Antarctica and the Galapagos, the only cruise company to offer kayaking in the upper Amazon, the first to reveal the wonders beneath the sea with their unmatched undersea programme and the first to offer an unparalleled photography initiative with a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photographer onboard each expedition.

Each of the 10 ships in the fleet are nimble, intimately scaled expedition ships able to go where the larger cruise ships can’t. Each ship is more than just a comfortable base for your expedition; each is fitted out with cool tools that enable a genuine connection with the places they visit.

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Onboard Experience

As you would imagine, the onboard experience is a bit different to a ‘normal’ cruise ship with more of a focus on the cool tools that allow you to explore the environments you are travelling to. Each of the cruise ships is well appointed and all the private suites offer a high degree of comfort. There are also some great public spaces where people can come together to trade stories of things you have done during the day and the amazing things you have seen.

Where the expedition ships come to life are in the tools that allow you to get up close and personal with the environment around you. Each of the cruise ships is kitted out with some of the most exciting tools including zodiacs – small, speedy inflatable boats that can get you in close with nature, kayaks, undersea video, glass-bottom boats, hydrophones so you can listen to the world beneath the water, crow’s nest camera, video microscopes, snorkelling gear and an open bridge.

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Lindblad Expeditions are all about taking the seas less travelled and offer itineraries on all seven continents, taking you to some of the world’s most remote locations. Here are just a few of the places you can explore with Lindblad Expeditions:

• Amazon • Galapagos • Chilean Fjords • UK • Arctic
• Peru • Patagonia • Scotland • Mediterranean
• Alaska • Baja • Caribbean • Costa Rica • Pacific Northwest
• Canada • Cuba • Vietnam • Cambodia • Antarctica

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