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Princess Cruises are one of the best-known names in cruises and first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today, Princess Cruises have grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world carrying 1.7 million guests each year to destinations around the world. The world first become more familiar with Princess Cruises in 1977 when one of its ships, the Pacific Princess was cast in the starring role for a new television series that would go on to be a worldwide hit – The Love Boat. Many cite the show as being the catalyst for the booming cruising industry that exists today and Princess certainly played a huge part in that.

Since their humble beginnings, Princess have been paving the way in terms of innovations at sea with a number of Princess concepts being adopted by the cruising industry including the concept of the private balcony which Princess Cruises pioneered in the 1980s. In the min-90s, Princess launched perhaps their most ‘game-changing’ initiative – putting the guest in charge of their own experience with flexible on-board facilities, amenities and services. This was taken one step further in 2001 when Princess Cruises allowed guests a choice in their main dining experience, paving the way for anytime dining.


With 18 cruise ships currently operating across the seas and oceans of the world, Princess Cruises has no shortage of options when it comes to destinations and onboard experience. Something that sets Princess Cruise ships apart is their sheer size. The Princess fleet contains some of the biggest cruise lines on the oceans catering for upwards of 3,000 guests. The Royal and Regal Princesses are the two largest ships in the fleet catering for 3,600 passengers. The Royal Princess was christened by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge in 2013 and has already won 5 prestigious Travel Weekly Magellan Awards.

The majority of Princess Cruise ships are family friendly and offer up a great range of activities for kids of all ages right through to teens. Another feature across the fleet is Princess’ commitment to your wellbeing from the fitness centres to the newly installed beds that are rolling out between now and 2018. Making sure you get a restful sleep at sea is an important part of your rest and relaxation so Princess have worked with leading sleep experts to design the perfect bed to give everyone a comfortable night’s sleep.

You can find out more about the Princess Cruises fleet here.

Onboard Experience

Catering for such a large number of guests can be tricky, however Princess Cruises manage to strike the perfect balance, creating an intimate environment for guests despite the size of the ship. With so many different interests to cater for, Princess Cruises’ onboard experience is crucial and they don’t disappoint. Always in search of innovations at sea, Princess continue to introduce new experience across their fleet to push the boundaries of cruise travel and provide guests with an experience they will never forget. All of the standard amenities are available such as spa pools, swimming pools, kids’ clubs and a great selection of bars and restaurants, however it’s the new experiences that really create the ‘wow’ factor and keep people coming back.

From the celebrity chefs to the Salty Dog Gastro Pub, there’s something for all food lovers onboard. For theatre lovers, you can now experience the magic of Broadway onboard a Princess Cruise and then there’s the Chocolate Journeys experience – a chance for chocolate lovers to indulge. Princess also have an innovative Princess@Sea app which allows guests to keep up-to-date with things going on onboard, find out details about destinations and keep in touch with other guests. All for free and all on your own mobile phone.

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As you would imagine, the third largest cruise line company in the world has you covered no matter where you want to cruise. Check out this selection of Princess Cruise destinations and pick your dream holiday:

• Mediterranean • Spain • Croatia • Italy • Greece • Alaska
• Australia • New Zealand • South America • Caribbean
• Polar Regions • Argentina • Uruguay • Falkland Islands
• Chile • North America • France • Holland • Belgium • UK
• Germany • Russia • Estonia • Finland • Sweden • Denmark
• Norway • Canada • Bermuda • Thailand • Singapore • Hong Kong
• China • Japan • Hawaii • Indonesia • Mexico • Peru

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