Silversea Cruises is widely recognised as one of the gold standard cruise lines when it comes to luxury cruising. They are acclaimed for both their legendary European lifestyle and global reach of destinations. Silversea Cruises was formed in the early 90s and was a brainchild of Italian Antonio Lefebvre d’Ovidio. His idea was to create a new class of elite vessels designed with more space for fewer guests and with the highest levels of personalised customer service.

With a fleet of 10 luxurious cruise lines, Silversea Cruises are one of the premium cruise companies. Operating cruise itineraries across all seven continents and with over 800 destinations worldwide, their cruise ships cater for between 100 to 540 guests and offer up a more intimate cruise experience to some of the bigger cruise lines. Their unique expedition ships are built for exploration and discovery and will take guests to remote destinations such as the Galapagos Islands, the Russian Far East and Australia’s remote Kimberley Coast. In 2016, they were awarded the World of Cruising Wave Award for Best Adventure Cruise.


Silversea Cruises have a fleet of 10 luxurious cruise liners which includes 4 expedition cruise ships. The largest ship in the Silversea fleet will be the Silver Muse which will cater for up to 596 guests and offer the most flexibility when it launches in 2017. All of Silversea’s cruise liners offer guests an award-winning taste of luxury travel – from the cuisine that includes sushi and Asian fusion to the live entertainment and convivial atmosphere onboard.

There is something uniquely special about a small, intimate cruise and Silversea manage to catch this perfectly. As well as taking you to destinations that the larger liners can’t get, there is also a sense of friendship onboard and a feeling that you’re more than just a number. Bumping into fellow cruisers throughout the day and getting to know people over dinner or a drink is a hallmark of a Silversea cruise.

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Onboard Experience

Although Silversea cruise liners may be smaller than some of the behemoths out on the oceans, don’t let that fool you into thinking that they don’t come with all the same luxuries. Silversea pride themselves on delivering a personalised service they believe to be unrivalled. All of their suites feature ocean views and many have private decks. With a guest to staff ration of nearly 1:1, you can be assured of that personalised service throughout your whole cruise, not just on arrival. Over the course of your cruise, the service continues to get better and better as staff begin to understand your habits, your likes and dislikes and make sure that everything you need is there before you know you need it.

As with other big cruise lines, the onboard amenities include fantastic leisure facilities to work on your wellness. This stretches from the beauty salon to the fitness centre and even through to the cruiselite dining menus. Add into the mix a rich and diverse enrichment programme that includes guest speakers, food and wine tastings, bridge and destination experts and you will never be short of things to do onboard.

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Silversea Cruises cover all seven continents and will take you to places that are not accessible by other cruise lines making them the ideal choice for the inner adventurer in you. Here is just a sample of some of the destinations that Silversea Cruises will take you to:

• Abu Dhabi • UAE • Greece • New Zealand • Australia • Bali
• Indonesia • Singapore • Ecuador • Galapagos Islands
• Spain • UK • Caribbean • Italy • Mediterranean • North America
• Argentina • South Africa • Seychelles • Sri Lanka • Panama
• Denmark • Sweden • Tanzania • Chile • Norway • Hong Kong
• China • Turkey • Greenland • Thailand • India • Polar Regions
• Iceland • Portugal • France • Canada • Japan • Maldives
• World Cruise

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