Star Clippers


Storybook holidays

Be lulled to sleep by the ocean gently lapping against the hull. Watch the cheeky dolphins at play, or generate that first spark of romance onboard a genuine sailboat straight out of a storybook.

Passion for adventure

Star Clippers is a cruise line with a passion for adventure, sailing tradition, and world-class service. With Star Clippers, authenticity alongside comfort is the theme of your holiday, with a genuine tall ship experience onboard a graceful clipper that flies along the waves just like the ships of 150 years ago. You are in good hands with a skilled crew who aren't afraid to use their muscles in the traditional manner to hoist a sail.

The Star Clipper fleet

Welcome aboard the Star Clipper, Star Flyer, or for the ultimate sailing experience, step onboard Royal Clipper, the biggest fully rigged sailing ship afloat today. Your journey of a lifetime begins as the sails snap open above you and whisk you away on the wind.