In 1882, Herman Tauck arrived in New York City from Germany in search of the American dream. His determination and values were passed on to his son, Arthur Tauck, who would realize that dream. With ingenuity and an innovative spirit, Arthur started Tauck Motor Tours, a travel company that would give birth to a new industry. The first tour, through the back roads of New England, was created by this 27-year-old in 1925. It embodied the same successful formula used by Tauck today: Craft a life-enriching travel experience; provide it at a single all-inclusive price; ensure there is great value for money; and rely on recommendations of satisfied customers to build a following and grow the business.

Since the early days of Tauck Motor Tours, things have come a long way or should we say Tauck are going a lot further. Whilst the values that the company were founded on still exist today, the scope of the destinations you can travel with Tauck have expanded, taking you to all four corners of the globe whilst holding on to the concept of ‘family’ in everything they do.


Tauck specialises in small ship cruising whether that’s on the river ways around the world or taking you to some of the most exciting destinations that the bigger cruise ships simply can’t get to. Tauck's small ships are all personally selected, hand-picked for their comfort, style and reliability; they are the best in their regions. All are spacious, graciously appointed and well-equipped for cruising to remote destinations.

In total, Tauck have 14 river cruising ships and a further 14 small cruise ships that will take you to destinations around the globe. Sticking with the theme of family, Tauck’s smaller cruise ships cater for fewer guests, meaning they can deliver a much more personalised service to each and every guest on board. Enjoy an exclusive, club-like atmosphere on board; it's relaxed travel, with no crowds and no lines. Dress is comfortable, unassuming and casual. That goes for any of Tauck’s 28 cruise ships.

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Onboard Experience

With such a big fleet offering widely varying itineraries from river cruises to yacht and expeditionary small ship cruising, the onboard experience varies from ship to ship. One thing all ships in the fleet have in common is the attention to detail that goes into ensuring every guest has everything they could possibly need during their time onboard. Each cruise ship, whether it’s a river cruise or small ship cruise is luxuriously appointed and the suites and staterooms are furnished to an extremely high standard, taking luxury cruising to new levels.

Some of Tauck’s larger cruise ships do come equipped with some of the modern luxuries you would expect on a large cruise ship including swimming pools, fitness suites, spas and a range of restaurants and bars. With great evening entertainment and amazing day trips, no matter which cruise you choose, you will be in for a memorable experience with Tauck.

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Tauck have grown their fleet allowing them to offer itineraries worldwide. They specialise in river cruising and small ship cruising to remote destinations, however you can also take in some of the more popular destinations with Tauck. Here are some of the locations around the world you can visit on a Tauck cruise:

• France • Holland • Hungary • UK • India • Austria
• Italy • Croatia • Greece • Belgium • Russia
• Antarctica • Germany • Galapagos • Vietnam • Turkey
• Thailand • Hong Kong • Laos • Mediterranean

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