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Un-Cruise Adventures is a different type of cruise line company. Born out of the desire to offer small groups a hands on experience in some of the America’s most inspiring places, Un-Cruise Adventures operates out of the historic Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle, Washington and Juneau, Alaska. The adventure company will be celebrating 20 years in 2016 and in that time, they have taken guests to some of the most awe-inspiring places in the Americas where the big cruise ships simply can’t reach. Their excursions and unconventional and unmatched and offer up a great alternative to traditional cruising.

They are committed to both the environment and the local communities which they visit and actively promote environmental protection through education, actions and initiatives that promote responsible travel.


Despite being a small ship cruise company, Un-Cruise are not short on numbers. Their fleet is made up of nine cruise liners of varying style, size and capability from boutique yachts to a replica, turn-of-the-century steamer. Each of their nine cruise boats is uniquely suited and equipped to provide an unbelievable experience.

Whilst the boats may not be your conventional cruise liner, they are not short on luxury amenities, giving you all the things you would expect on a high-end cruise. The cruise liners are built for casual comfort rather than the formal dining and experience you may get with some of the bigger cruise ships. All of the cruise ships in the fleet have hot tubs on board and many have access to leisure facilities and multi-sport recreation. A trip with Un-Cruise is about the destination as well as the journey. You can expect to find kayaks aboard most of the liners which mean you can get out to explore on your own steam once you arrive at your destination.

You can find out more about the Un-Cruise Adventures Fleet here.

Onboard Experience

The onboard experience with Un-Cruise is a casual one. Un-Cruise is about the adventure – travel is inspiring and the places you meet and the places you go are what makes that experience so special. You can expect a very attentive crew onboard any of the Un-Cruise fleet who will make you feel at home as soon as you get onboard. Whilst each vessel has its own personality, all share a universal goal – to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable throughout.

Each of the cruise ships in the fleet have some common features from the relaxing hot tub on deck to the wellness and enrichment programme. Active adventures such as kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling and hiking are all very much encouraged and are an integral part of a cruise with Un-Cruise.

When it comes to dining options, Un-Cruise doesn’t cut any corners and their executive chefs produce food that is innovative, nutritious and delectable with flavours from the region.

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Un-Cruise specialise in cruise in the Americas from Alaska to the historic Columbia and Snake rivers. Here is just a sample of the destinations you can visit with Un-Cruise:

• Alaska
• Mexico
• Hawaii
• Panama
• Central America
• Ecuador
• Galapagos Islands

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