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Uniworld River Cruises are the leading cruise line for river cruises throughout Europe, Russia and Asia. As a dedicated river cruising specialist, Uniworld are the leading cruise line and perhaps one of the world’s leading authentic boutique cruise lines. With an average capacity of just 130 guests, the Uniworld fleet has the highest staff to guest ratio in the river cruising industry. Add to this some excellent shore excursions, world-class gourmet cuisine and five star hospitality and you are in for a high quality cruising experience when you book with Uniworld River Cruises.

Uniworld River Cruises pride themselves on their high level of customer service and their high attention to detail where “no request is too large, no detail too small”.


Uniworld has a substantial fleet operating across Europe, Russia and Asia with specific cruise ships dedicated to the rivers where they are most suited. Uniworld has put a unique spin on river cruising, transferring the boutique hotel experience to the water, with meticulous design and signature touches that truly make them stand out.

Uniworld River cruises have 14 cruise ships operating a Europe, one in Egypt, one in Vietnam and Cambodia, one in India, one in Russia and two in China. These cruises ships have been designed specifically for the cruising market in each of these countries and continents and you will immediately notice the attention to detail and the Uniworld ‘difference’ as soon as you step aboard.

Cruising on any of Uniworld’s 20 cruise ships is an experience you will never forget. Taking you to amazing destinations in true style, Uniworld River Cruises will open your eyes to boutique cruising.

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Onboard Experience

As you would expect from a cruise line that dedicates itself to providing an outstanding level of customer service, your experience on board any of the 20 cruise lines in the Uniworld fleet is something you will never forget. One thing you will notice is that your experience is very personal one – as your cruise goes on, the staff onboard get to know your habits, the things you like and the things you love and they make sure you get more of the things you love without even having to ask. Anticipating your needs is part of the Uniworld Service.

As with many cruise lines, Uniworld River Cruises offers up an all inclusive experience so there are no hidden surprises. From the gratuities to the Nordic walking sticks, to the Wi-Fi access – they’ve got you covered. Whilst some of the bigger cruise lines may offer an extensive range of health and fitness facilities onboard, Uniworld cruise lines do have a well-equipped fitness centre but a lot of the health and wellbeing activities take place on-shore with some great hiking, cycling and watersports available. Some of the cruise ships do have a heated swimming pool but the main action takes place when you get to explore your destinations.

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Uniworld specialises in river cruises throughout Europe, Russia and Asia and these are the main focus when it comes to Uniworld River Cruise destinations. With headquarters located throughout the world, Uniworld are able to respond to any situation quickly, helping you to relax and unwind whilst you’re onboard. Here are just a few of the destinations you can explore with Uniworld River Cruises:

• Holland
• Switzerland
• France
• Germany
• Belgium
• Romania
• Hungary
• China
• Tibet
• Austria
• Czech Republic
• Italy
• Turkey
• Russia
• India
• Portugal
• Spain
• Egypt
• Vietnam
• Cambodia

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