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Carnival Imagination

Line: Carnival Cruise Line
Launched: 7th January 1995
Tonnage: 70,367
Length: 855 feet
Total Crew: 920
Occupancy: 2,052
Rating: stars


Pure imagination come to life

No, it's not your imagination … this is real life in its best form. Welcome on board cruise ship Carnival Imagination. Enter a different world, a world made just for you.

Explore and dig below the surface

There's some great times up for grabs on board Carnival Imagination. Enjoy the busy    bars, relaxing lounges, and kick yourself into gear at the vibrant clubs and nightspots.

Kids don't get left out either. Boredom takes a backseat in this place! There's age-appropriate chill-out spaces, or alternatively, get wet at the hugely popular Carnival WaterWorks. Family comes together with food, fun and adventure, and it's all found on Carnival Imagination.

Mini golf anyone?