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Celebrity Equinox

Line: Celebrity Cruises
Launched: 8th August 2009
Tonnage: 122,000
Length: 1041 feet
Total Crew: 1,200
Occupancy: 2,850
Rating: stars


The apex of luxury cruising

Celebrity Equinox captures you the moment you step onboard. There is a definite air of sophistication and she shimmers from stern to bow.

Spoiled for choice

Celebrity Equinox has a choice of ten fantastic dining options, and after you eat you can relax in the spacious chic stylings of her luxurious accommodations. If you find yourself home-sick for land, you can even roll around in the grass at the Lawn Club as you sail the seven seas.

Celebrity Equinox has all the comforts you can imagine, and don't forget the renowned guest services guaranteeing you the vacationing experience of a lifetime.