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MS Victor Hugo

Line: CroisiEurope
Launched: 1st January 2000
Tonnage: Unknown
Length: 269 feet
Total Crew: Unknown
Occupancy: 96
Rating: stars


The MS Victor Hugo sails on the Rhine, the Elbe, the Tisza and on the Danube Rivers.

Down the Rhine River, stopover each and every country on the way. From Amsterdam to Strasbourg, you will see many extraordinary culturally rich cities and finish off your journey in picturesque Alsace – hometown of CroisiEurope, just at the right time for grape-harvest.

On the Danube, from Vienna to Budapest, see the countless cultures blend on the shores of a legendary river as you delve into Eastern Europe.

A cruise on the Elbe River brings you to the most magnificent cities of Europe. Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden –the “Florence of the Elbe”- and the breathtaking beauty of Prague, the “City of Hundred Spires”.

Lounge-bar with a dance floor - bar - dining room - large sundeck with deckchairs - gift shop. Central heating, 220V electricity, air-conditioning, radar, radiophone, Wi-Fi on board.