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MS Noordam

Line: Holland America Line
Launched: 1st February 2006
Tonnage: 82,318
Length: 936 feet
Total Crew: 800
Occupancy: 1,924
Rating: stars


A technological and environmental marvel

Introducing the newest addition to the renowned Vista-class cruise liners, the MS  Noordam takes her name from the Northern compass point. The MS Noordam is a shining example of classic luxury ocean travel.

Built in 2006, MS Noordam is a technological and environmental marvel, embracing green technologies with her diesel-electric engines, while ensuring maximum maneuverability with her high-tech Azipod propulsion.

Sail with the artists

MS Noordam showcases fabulous paintings, with an 1842 oil painting of the city of Utrecht, plus fans of contemporary art won't be disappointed with the display of photographed musical greats - Dizzy Gillespie and BB King.

There is an inlaid chest surrounded by carved wood Baroque columns from the 17th century - one of MS Noordam's most valuable pieces. In another technology twist, you can even use an iPod to self-guide your own tour of the complete MS Noordam art collection.