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MS Zuiderdam

Line: Holland America Line
Launched: 1st December 2002
Tonnage: 82,305
Length: 936 feet
Total Crew: 817
Occupancy: 1,916
Rating: stars


The first Vista

Launched in 2002, and debuting new green propulsion technologies, MS Zuiderdam was the first in Holland America's Vista class.

An iconic classic

Setting the art theme for MS Zuiderdam, and suspended in the atrium, is a magnificent Waterford Crystal Seahorse. This creates the mood for what follows, with elegant artworks from the iconic Andy Warhol, with his painting of Queen Beatrix, and a set of medallions created by Frank Lloyd Wright.

There is also the art-deco inspired aluminum elevator doors, modeled after the New York Chrysler Building, and a huge painting in a floral theme from Charles Ben. There are also many other historic paintings and antiques throughout the MS Zuiderdam for the discerning traveler to enjoy.