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MSC Lirica

Line: MSC Cruises
Launched: 1st March 2003
Tonnage: 59,058
Length: 251 feet
Total Crew: 700
Occupancy: 1,560
Rating: stars


Quintessential Italian elegance

With her classic and elegant style, and famous Mediterranean hospitality, cruise ship  MSC Lirica offers a more casual, resort-style experience, easing you into your vacation and tempting you with an impressive selection of modern amenities.

America meets Britain

MSC Lirica's cosmopolitan theme is evident in two of her popular places for socialising: the Americana Beverly Hills bar and the cozy English-style Lord Nelson pub, where the best world cuisine is served at each restaurant.

For those tranquil moments, relax at the Lirica Health Centre - beauty and spa treatments that will make a new person out of you - while gazing out of panoramic picture windows at spectacular ocean views. MSC Lirica will also spoil families and first-time cruisers due to her compact size and welcoming hospitality.

Choose MSC Lirica for your next memorable cruise!