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MSC Preziosa

Line: MSC Cruises
Launched: 1st March 2013
Tonnage: 139,400
Length: 1093 feet
Total Crew: 1,388
Occupancy: 3,502
Rating: stars


A brand new Fantasia-class

Brand new, with her paint barely dry, MSC Cruises were delighted to announce the arrival of MSC Preziosa in 2013. With her grand design promising the ultimate in comfort and environmental awareness, MSC Preziosa is the pinnacle of the MSC Fantasia-class.

Sharing many of her elegant features with her sister ships, MSC Preziosa will draw you in with the fabulous exclusive staterooms of the MSC Yacht Club, and take care of you body-and-soul at the MSC Aurea Spa.

The youthful MSC Preziosa is the ultimate new cruise experience of the modern era.