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MSC Sinfonia

Line: MSC Cruises
Launched: 3rd March 2005
Tonnage: 58,625
Length: 824 feet
Total Crew: 700
Occupancy: 1,554
Rating: stars


Cruise back through history

Travel back into history as MSC Sinfonia delivers you to exotic mediterranean destinations such as Athens, Venice, South Africa or Capri. Named as a tribute to Europe's classic composers - from Beethoven to Mozart, and Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Debussy - MSC Sinfonia has the distinctive design and attention to comfort that MSC Cruises is celebrated for. The crew onboard MSC Sinfonia are willing and  available to anticipate your every wish.

Innovations in entertainment

In a world-first for MSC Cruises, MSC Sinfonia is proud to introduce the Virtual Golf Simulator that lets you maintain your swing while at sea. Teenagers are not forgotten onboard MSC Sinfonia and they can lose themselves in the purpose-built Teen Area, which is also a video-gamers paradise. You can boast to your friends and family back home from the internet café about your experiences, knock yourself into fighting fitness at the gym, get put back together in the salon and beauty centre, or grab some culture at the endless choice of shows, discos, music, and more.