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MSC Splendida

Line: MSC Cruises
Launched: 1st June 2009
Tonnage: 137,936
Length: 1016 feet
Total Crew: 1,332
Occupancy: 3,274
Rating: stars


Authentically splendid

MSC Cruises are continuing the expansion of its ‘Fantasia’ class of cruise ships, with the addition of MSC Splendida - a merger of technology and comfort.

Don't just travel … prepare for an adventure

Futuristic, elegant and stylish, MSC Cruises is proud to welcome you aboard MSC Splendida - the best in the MSC line yet. A true haven for her guests, why merely 'travel' when you can 'voyage'? There's the exclusive MSC Yacht Club for those who like a little extra pampering - add a round-the-clock butler service and 71 top-class suites to your cruise experience.

Try dining while stargazing through the Skydome in the Top Sail Lounge, or get re-made into new and interesting shapes at the MSC AUREA Spa, with its holistic water treatments and Balinese massage therapies, Turkish bath, solarium, Thalassotherapy, whirlpools and more.

There are entertainment options to dazzle you, from an exercise room, four swimming pools, squash, and even a Formula 1 racing simulator for those who are homesick for the speedway.