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Island Princess

Line: Princess Cruises
Launched: 1st June 2003
Tonnage: 92,000
Length: 964 feet
Total Crew: 900
Occupancy: 1,970
Rating: stars


'Panamix' sized princess

Island Princess was created with cruising up the Panama Canal solely in mind, while being as big as the specifications allowed her - hence the label 'Panamax' size.

May of the staterooms onboard Island Princess have balconies, which allow passengers to view the engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal up close and in-person. These features are also a fabulous way to view the glaciers of Alaska - another breathtaking Island Princess destination.

She also has onboard all the Princess Cruises' signature amenities, plus a few of her own - for example, the Bayou Café and Steakhouse where you can try authentic New Orleans cuisine while enjoying live jazz.