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Royal Clipper

Line: Star Clippers
Launched: 1st October 2000
Tonnage: 5,000
Length: 439 feet
Total Crew: 106
Occupancy: 227
Rating: stars


Preussen inspired

The Preussen inspired tall ship Royal Clipper is proud to remain the biggest and only five-masted and full-rigged sailing ship of the modern era. With 42 sails snapping cheerfully in the wind, Royal Clipper is a portal back in time to the grand age of sailing.

Traditional and modern amenities

At 439 feet, Royal Clipper has capacity for 227 guests, and - staggering for her small size - 19,000 sq feet of deck space, not to mention three swimming pools. You can find a solitary hiding place away from everything in one of the many balconies, or climb the mast with a safety harness to the crow's nest for the best view on the ship. This also includes a settee so you can stay up there in comfort for as long as you wish.

Sunlight, cuisine, and watersports

Her interior is simply stunning. It includes an atrium that directs sunlight into the elegant dining room spread out over three levels, which features an open-seat option, fabulous cuisine, and the formality is dropped with a no-tie dress code. For those who love getting wet, the marina platform operates in the stern of the ship for all your watersport requirements. For super-relaxation, kick back in the Captain Nemo Lounge with its spa, health club, and underwater glass portholes.