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Star Clipper

Line: Star Clippers
Launched: 1st May 1992
Tonnage: 2,298
Length: 360 feet
Total Crew: 72
Occupancy: 170
Rating: stars


Proud tradition and heritage

Welcome aboard the Star Clipper and Star Flyer, two ships that embody a polished-brass heritage and tradition. Both ships blend the traditions of yesteryear with all the modern comforts, technology, and luxury of today.

Star features

At just 115 metres long, and capacity for 170 guests, both ships guarantee you an unparalleled level of personal service and attention. Much like being on a private yacht, your holiday will pass in blissful relaxation – especially with strong, skilled sailors to hoist the heavy sails for you.

Both Star Clipper and Star Flyer offer comfortable and spacious cabins, two swimming pools, and more outdoor space than many other larger cruise ships. There are paintings and prints of historic sailing ships to further contribute to the traditional décor, and the teak decks and mahogany railings will transport you back to the golden age of seafaring.

Eating, drinking, and literature

Each ship boasts an elegant dining room, the combined inside-outside Tropical Bar and Piano Bar, and there is even a library with an Edwardian theme and a Belle Époque fireplace to soothe you into a relaxed, literary heaven. All this and more on top of the excellent hospitality of the friendly and enthusiastic crew of the Star Clipper and Star Flyer.