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Caribbean Cruises

Few destinations boast as much sun-drenched tropical beauty or cultural diversity as the islands of the Caribbean. This region has a distinctive fusion of influences from Europe, Africa and Latin America, which make up a wonderful quilt-work of cultures amongst a breath taking backdrop of lush tropical jungles, fresh water caves, white-sand beaches, charming cities and ancient ruins. There really is an island for every taste in the Caribbean and the opportunities to explore are endless. One other thing not to be missed is that world famous Caribbean cooking, especially if you like things hot, hot, hot!

Why cruise the Caribbean?

One great reason to cruise the Caribbean is the year round sunshine. Aside from avoiding hurricane season (more of that later), the Caribbean Islands bask in a warm and sunny climate for most of the year meaning it’s a great destination whenever the colder months kick in. With so many diverse islands to visit, a cruise around the Caribbean also gives the opportunity to visit a wide variety of destinations which you may not get if you choose to fly in and base yourself in one location – this way you get to sample a little bit of everything whilst benefitting from 5 star luxury on board.


Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean is typically broken down into three regions; East, West and South and these offer up very different experience. The East includes destinations such as the British Virgin Islands, St Maarten and Puerto Rico. The West includes the magnificent reefs around Belize and Roatan as well as the more popular Cayman Islands and Jamaica and the South offers up some of the more secluded islands including St Lucia, Dominica and Grenada. Trips can begin from places like Miami in the USA but Barbados is also a popular starting point for many cruise itineraries and is a great place to start your Caribbean adventure:

• British Virgin Islands • US Virgin Islands • St Lucia • Grenada • St Kitts • St Maarten • Bahamas • Barbados • Belize • Roatan • Cayman Islands • Jamaica • Dominica • Antigua • Aruba

Who's sailing to the Caribbean?

Whether you choose to fly directly to the Caribbean or start your cruise in the USA, some of the best cruise lines in the world are operating in and around the Caribbean so picking a cruise line that ticks off everything on your list should not be too tricky. Whether you want to enjoy the luxuries on board a five star vessel or you’re all about the island trips, there is a cruise line to suit every need. Cruise lengths vary from shorter 3 day breaks to extensive 20 day cruises which will take you around nearly all the major destinations in the Caribbean. Here’s who’s sailing in the Caribbean:

  • Princess Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Royal Caribbean International


    When is the best time to go to the Caribbean?

    The weather in the Caribbean is pretty warm all year round making it the ideal cruise destination wherever you are travelling from. The peak seasons tend to be June to August and Christmas and the New Year. The summer cruise season (June-August) does coincide with hurricane season which can mean changes to your itinerary as you look to avoid the big storms and can also mean rough seas. Travelling out of the main seasons will mean less people and it is often possible to get some great deals, especially around October and November although even at this time of year you can still be affected by hurricanes. If you are travelling as a family, the northern summer season is the best time to travel with fantastic kids’ clubs in full swing.

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    To choose your Caribbean cruise simply click on the cruise lines above or alternatively us the search function on the left of the page to enter the dates and destination. If you are new to cruising or you have any questions, check out our FAQ section for more information. If you are looking for more personal advice do not hesitate to give our travel consultants a call and we will be more than happy to help to plan your dream cruise to the Caribbean. Happy cruising!