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FAQ - Health And Safety


Please make sure your iCruise consultant is informed at the time of booking should you require any assistance due to mobility, diet, medical or other conditions that may hinder your travel arrangements or require additional services by a supplier.

A certificate of fitness may be required for all passengers with a known medical condition. To aid onboard medical care, passengers are requested to bring with them a recent medical history from their doctor.

Passengers requiring assistance must travel accompanied. Passengers must also bring with them sufficient quantities of any prescribed medicines to last the duration of their holiday. Due to strict safety requirements a cruise line has the right to deny boarding should documentation and/or passenger information be incorrect and/or the cruise line renders the passenger unfit to travel.

Vaccinations & Health Advisories

We strongly recommend you seek information and advice from either your doctor or an approved health travel advisory service to identify any specific vaccination or health warning/precaution that may be required for each port of call you will be visiting. Some countries enforce strict health requirements and may deny passengers with the incorrect documentation/vaccinations from being able to go ashore.

Medical Services

The onboard medical facility onboard a ship is staffed full time with registered doctors and nurses. There is a charge for this facility and charges for medical services will be added to your onboard cabin account. You will be provided with an itemised account for insurance purposes.


Conditions for pregnant passengers may vary per cruise line, please ask your iCruise consultant for details relating to your cruise or refer to the cruise line’s Terms & Conditions.


Due to the limited neonatal facilities onboard a ships medical centre there is a minimum age requirement for infants which tends to start at 6 months however some cruise lines have a policy of 12 months. Please check with your iCruise consultant at time of booking. The age is dictated at the time of sailing.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Advisory

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade provides a Travel Advisory service and advises New Zealand travellers on security risks in a number of countries. Information on the travel advisory may change between the time you make your booking and when you arrive at your country of destination. We would like to draw your attention to this website and ask you refer to it in any areas of doubt about safety and to assist in making your decision to travel.