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Small Ship Cruising

At iCruise sometimes smaller is often better. Sailing on small ships off the beaten path and without the regimen of a typical large ship cruise brings new, unexpected opportunities and experiences in an up-close, casual and personal style.

The outstanding advantage of small ship cruising is the small numbers aboard. Consequently activities can be planned using very little or even no infrastructure at all. Visits to native villages or shore excursions on remote islands can be conducted with relative ease and manageable impact.

The cruise lines that make up our portfolio all offer remarkable journeys to the centre of some of the world's most inspiring landscapes whilst guaranteeing you a high standard of accommodation, excellent dining options and superb facilities. We have worked hard to ensure that every cruise selected is not only offering a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, but that is also as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Astounding wildlife, captivating foreign cultures and unforgettable scenery are the key ingredients, but they all come fully equipped with expert guides into the local flora and fauna, the geology and geography, and the history and sociology of the places visited.

Many people attracted to our small ship cruise options would never consider cruising on any of the traditional big liners. They prefer the intimate, personal environment, the smaller numbers, the like-minded companions, the enrichment, wild destinations and experiences.

There’s more to small ship cruising than just spying spectacular destinations from afar. Getting off your vessel can often be more exciting than getting on. Shore excursions to some of the world’s most isolated and fascinating locations are what attract passengers. Often, your vessel is simply the means to experience the world.

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